What’s the news?

The Lycée Saint Exupéry has launched a new system of waste disposal. Discarded lunches are now being disposed seperately in the bins. During this month, students from 1S3 worked on the issue of food waste so as to figure out how the rules are being put in place at the lycée.

What we did first was to investigate in different places of our high school about the new waste disposal system. More specifically, we were separated into 4 teams. Here is the recap of the investigations.

Food Consumption And Waste Disposal at Lycée Saint Exupéry

By Inès, Paul, Calliste L., Antione C., G. C., and J. R.

900 lunches are being served at the high school every day. This representes between 500,000 to 600,000 meals every year.

From the begenning of this month, students are being taught new habits of selecting their waste.

Now, at the end of the lunch time, about 1:15 p.m. extra food is redistributed so as to avoid throwing the food away. Students are no more obliged to finish their plates. So, they have to sort it out at the end of their lunch time.

The waste disposal system sensitizes students on environmental issues.

An imposed earth’s care

By Léna, Valentine M., Antoine P. and Matthias

  We have phoned a man from administration who has offered us an interview. He explained to me that changes are imposed by the government which, since 2012 obliges high schools to adopt waste disposal systems if they generate above 10 tonnes of waste. We have so learned that the Lycée Saint Exupéry is producing between 10 and 20 tonnes per year.

  The new disposal system aim at reducing organic waste so as to reduce carbon footprint on earth.

  The organic waste will now be  recycled into compost and the cooking oil  into biocarburant.


Sorting Is Our New Way

By R.G., Clara, A. D-S. and Gaspard T.

   It has been a few days already that a new waste management is being tried at our cafeteria. My team tried to find out how this innovation functions with the School Life Office.
Instead of just letting our waste on a conveyor belt so that a staff member can collect it,  students now have to throw it selectively into different trash bins: one is for the food and the other for packaging and plastic items.

    From now on, the School Life Office memebers have to monitor how students operate this new sorting process.


 Waste Disposal At Highscools: A Progress?

By Alban H., Louise S.,  and Guilhem.

The new rules at the cafeteria sensitize students about food waste. Unfortunately, most of them think that it’s a waste of time.

In order to make them change their minds, we should explain the usefulness of this innovation. If they understand the reasons, they won’t think anymore that they’re wasting their time. In other words, young generation should understand how important the environment is.


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